Book Review – This Is Not A Game by Walter Jon Williams

A lady sits in a lodging, alone and frightened; outside, the city consumes, white hot. Dark irritating mists contaminate the skyline, blazes glint somewhere far off, the smell of consuming tissue of death-enters the room. She glances through her window, roosted high on the fourteenth floor, and watches the world detonate. Into bedlam. Watches the uproars, the homicides, the contempt. Families arranged, annihilated. What’s more, she pauses. Abandoned. A detainee of situation.

The news is bleak. The nearby economy has fallen, the country’s money now useless. The air terminal and train stations are shut. Nobody can leave the city. Without assistance.

Thus, she holds up in her lodging, a lady in-trouble. Trusts that somebody will save her, for somebody to sort out how she can get away, for somebody to tackle the riddle. Of her life.

A day to day existence currently changed into an undeniable game. The objective: helping her leave the city, the country, to return home, securely. Lady UFABETเว็บพนันครบวงจร Abandoned in a Lodging, apparently a beginning stage for the most recent substitute reality game (ARG), a web-based experience where reality barges in on pretend. Where the responses to fictitious riddles can be seen as in reality. Where a great many players overall utilize whatever assets, thoughts, and abilities whether lawful or against the law to tackle puzzles, facilitating their journey. It’s the supposed deep, dark hole, players continually tumbling further into a wonderland where connivances rule, ready to be revealed. It’s Lewis Carroll meets the Green Glade Hypothesis. It’s life, rethought. As a story, as a game.

Yet, this is certainly not a game.

This interconnection among the real world and fiction is marvelously investigated in Walter Jon Williams’ most recent novel This Is certainly not A Game, a lovely multifaceted novel, both immensely engaging and shrewd. It’s an interesting humanistic test, an investigation of enormous scope critical thinking by a local area of psyches. A tribute to the Collective conscience and the force of Oblivious obedience, to its colossal handling power. Every individual giving an extraordinary viewpoint of the issue, a solitary paintbrush stroke; just the gathering giving the total picture, the arrangement, the Monet. Like a gathering of rodents, contending, sharing data, before at long last choosing the best course through the labyrinth. There’s power in numbers. Thinking power.